Make reading fun again!

Reading shouldn't be boring and it shouldn't cause tears!

Every child can learn to read and love to read. 

Parents shouldn’t have to buy expensive reading programs to teach reading

Raise a Lifelong Reader

You don’t need expensive and complicated reading programs to teach your child to read.

We show you how to teach reading using REAL children’s books so your child will love reading and gain confidence. 

We want ALL children to love reading!

There is nothing more frustrating and sad than to hear about than a child who hates reading.

Reading should be the most enjoyable thing in a child’s life and the most rewarding thing for a parent. 

Step One: Buy the Book

We teach you how children learn to read and write so you can create learning experiences that match their level of development.

Step Two: Build Your Home Library

We provide reading lists for you to take to the library to find books for all readers, including appropriate read aloud books.

Step Three: Start Using Real Books

We walk you through a sample lesson and show you how to incorporate reading strategies and tools for decoding and phonics.

Step Four: Join our FREE Group

We provide ongoing support and training in the Teach a Child to Read Facebook group. Watch videos, see live support, and learn from other members.

Step Five: Sign up for a FREE Consultation

Need individual consultation services? Contact us for pricing and services.


Phonics your child needs. We'll show you how to incorporate phonics with quality children's literature so you can ditch the boring drill.

Leveled Book lists

Book lists for all levels and for read alouds. Children's books you can find at your local library.

Spelling and Writing

Teach spelling in writing without drill and boring copy work.

Sample lesson plans

We show you how to organize a lesson that meets your child's individual needs and interests.

He was struggling with reading before we started this curriculum and now he looks forward to his lessons every day.
Belinda G.
I would go as far as saying that I think every homeschooling parent should read this book.
Homeschool Parent
When I came across this book I felt peace and joy. I just love how practical it is and how natural the learning is.
Homeschool Parent

Teach a Child to Read with Children’s Books is one of the few books I’ve reviewed that I just can’t wait to tell you about.” – Cathy Duffy Reviews

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read aloud handbook

“For anyone who teaches reading, Teach a Child to Read With Children’s Books should be required reading.” – Jim Trelease, The Read-Aloud Handbook

From the Foreward in Teach a Child to Read with Children’s Books


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