The Importance of Phonics: Can Too Much of a Good Thing Be Bad for Your Child?

Surely you have heard the importance of phonics for beginning readers. Most likely, you would think that a child who does not receive phonics instruction will not learn to read or not learn to read well. And you are right, phonics does have a place in reading instruction, but we think it’s important to have READ MORE

The Three Causes of Reading Problems That You Can Fix!

If you think your child might have a reading problem, read this before worrying. There are three causes of reading problems that can easily be fixed, so let’s take a look at them before you seek tutoring, professional testing, or get upset. We have a way of thinking the worst when a problem arises, don’t READ MORE

3 Reasons Graphic Novels for Kids Are “Real” Books

“It’s not a REAL book!” You may have thought this when you see books like Captain Underpants at the library or see classic literature in graphic novel form. I understand your hesitation to give these types of books to your child. At first, it does seem like they are indeed not “real” books, but let’s READ MORE