The 3 Causes of Reading Problems That You Can Easily Fix!

There are three causes of reading problems that can easily be fixed, so let’s take a look at them before you seek tutoring, professional testing, or get upset. We have a way of thinking the worst when a problem arises, don’t we? Most things in life seem more complicated than they really are. Let me READ MORE

Please Say Yes to Graphic Novels for Kids

Please say YES to graphic novels for kids! They are real books and for some children, they are the type of book that sparks their interest in reading for the first time.  I am often asked if graphic novels “real” books. Let’s talk about why graphic novels are real books and why it is okay READ MORE

The Best Way to Improve Reading Fluency for Beginning Readers

The simplest way to improve reading fluency in young children is to allow them to reread books. Download the Lucky Listeners free fluency chart below to encourage re-reading and promote the love for reading in beginning readers. Re-reading As A Strategy to Improve Reading Fluency Do you wonder if your child should read the same READ MORE