Authors of Teach a Child to Read to Read with Children’s Books

Mark Thogmartin Author of Teach a Child to Read with Children's Books

Dr. Mark Thogmartin is a life-long educator who has always been a champion of parents and students, having worked with students from kindergarten through the doctoral level. He has degrees from the University of Kentucky, the Ohio State University, and Andrews University.

In addition to co-authoring Teach a Child to Read with Children’s Books, Mark has written numerous articles for publication in research journals and trade magazines. In recent years, Mark has assisted his son, Ryan, at DISRUPT Media as Vice President of Business Development.

Mark and his wife Donna live in Millersport, Ohio, and are the parents of three adult sons and two beautiful granddaughters. 

I am a reading specialist and literacy coach, homeschooling and school choice advocate, and author of Teach a Child to Read with Children’s Books.  My specialty is helping children fall in love with reading so they will persevere through the practice to become an independent reader. I believe that all children can learn to read, that reading shouldn’t be boring or cause tears, and that parents don’t have to purchase expensive reading programs to raise an independent reader.

In my career, I’ve taught all levels of children to read and coached and trained teachers as well as parents on teaching reading. I help parents move from confusion, anxiety, and frustration over reading to joy, excitement, and confidence about teaching reading using real books and the resources they have at home so they can raise confident, lifelong readers. My expertise is providing parents with the necessary skills, strategies, and knowledge they need to support literacy in the home and help their children not only learn how to read but learn to love reading for a lifetime.