Are Graphic Novels “Real” Books?

“It’s not a REAL book!” You may have thought this when you see books like Captain Underpants at the library or see classic literature in graphic novel form. I understand your hesitation to give these types of books to your child. At first, it does seem like they are indeed not “real” books, but let’s READ MORE

The Rights of the Reader for Young Children–Why They Are Important

Have you heard of The Rights of the Reader? Readers have rights! And young children should be encouraged to embrace their rights as a reader too. Please note this post may contain affiliate links and ads, read our full disclosure here.   Do you wonder if you should allow your child to reread favorite stories READ MORE

A Parent’s Guide to Getting Boys to Read More

I admit I may have a soft spot in my heart when it comes to boys and reading. That’s because I have two boys of my own and at different stages of their lives I worried they would not become the avid, lifelong readers I had always dreamed they would be. At one point, early READ MORE