The Best Way to Improve Reading Fluency for Beginning Readers

The simplest way to improve reading fluency in young children is to allow them to reread books. Download the Lucky Listeners free fluency chart below to encourage re-reading and promote the love for reading in beginning readers.

The simplest way to improve reading fluency

Re-reading As A Strategy to Improve Reading Fluency

Do you wonder if your child should read the same book multiple times? Is it okay to let them reread a book that is too easy? Yes and Yes. This is a research-based practice and is highly encourage for beginning readers to reread loved and known stories. It’s not unusual for a child to reread the same story five or six times and then come back to that book time and again. 

Fluency is the most important thing to help your child develop and practicing reading to others is a simple and fun way to help her become a fluent reader. The more a child reads, the better she reads. By re-reading a known book, she can read more confidently and smoothly. Re-reading a known book several times increases her confidence and allows her to practice important fluency skills like using expression in her voice, pacing, and phrasing to show her understanding of punctuation and the flow of the story. It’s even more fun if the whole family gets involved! 


Re-reading Improves Confidence and Fluency

Reading an easy book or a book they are familiar with is one of the best ways to practice fluency and build your child’s confidence. Fluent readers are able to comprehend what they read because their mind can pay attention to meaning instead of decoding. This builds confidence too. 

Confident readers read more, and we all know what happens when children read more! They become better readers, and that is your goal and mine! 

Read on for a simple way to encourage your child to reread books they are familiar with and help them become fluent readers. 

Lucky Listeners Chart to Improve Reading Fluency

Download the Lucky Listeners chart to get started.


Lucky Listeners fluency chart
Download the Lucky Listeners fluency chart


Each time your child reads a book to someone, the Lucky Listener (aka grandma or big sister) fills out the chart with their name, the name of the book, and leaves an encouraging comment for your child.

Grandpa and Grandma, babysitter, and aunt Melinda can all leave positive comments such as, “You are a great reader!” or “You did a great job reading out loud to me.”

After your child reads a book to a handful of Lucky Listeners, she can trade it in for a new one and start all over. (See this post for tips on helping your child choose the right books)

Continue the chart for as long as you like and consider a reward or special treats like ice cream or a few hours at the pool once it’s complete.  

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Have fun with the Lucky Listeners chart!

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