Say Yes to Graphic Novels for Kids

Are graphic novels “real” books? I get this question a lot so let’s talk about why graphic novels are read books and why it is okay to include them in your child’s reading library. What About Graphic Novels for Kids?  “It’s not a REAL book!” You may have thought this when you see books like READ MORE

The Best Way to Improve Reading Fluency for Beginning Readers

The simplest way to improve reading fluency in young children is to allow them to reread books. Download the Lucky Listeners free fluency chart below to encourage re-reading and promote the love for reading in beginning readers. Re-reading As A Strategy to Improve Reading Fluency Do you wonder if your child should read the same READ MORE

The Rights of the Reader for Young Children–Why They Are Important

Have you heard of The Rights of the Reader? Readers have rights! And young children should be encouraged to embrace their rights as a reader too. Please note this post may contain affiliate links and ads, read our full disclosure here.   Do you wonder if you should allow your child to reread favorite stories READ MORE